At the risk of solidifying my diabetic-in-the-making ”skinniest fat girl you’ll ever meet” reputation, I present to you my new Favoritest Cake Ever: tres leches.

Yes, fading memory of high school Spanish — three milks.

Condensed milk, evaporated milk, and half-and-half (so really, 4 milks if you count the milk + cream combo in the half-and-half) whisked into a syrup and poured onto a dense cake to soak overnight, then topped with a whipped cream frosting that surprisingly tempers, rather than adds to, the heaviness of the three (four) milk syrup. And, finally, finished with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon.

As advocates for all types of dairy, including canned*, making this cake was still a bit of an ordeal, having to patiently wait for the cake to absorb each soaking of syrup while fending off curious (and unwanted) taste-testers. But the result was worth the overnight patience. Of course, there is still some research and tweaking left to do to before we achieve our ultimate goal of baking the fluffiest, softest cake possible that can still hold 3 cups of dairy.

In the meantime, might be good to get our blood sugar levels checked regularly.

* Canned dairy has been happily embraced by Latin and Cantonese people for decades, and seemingly more so than the fresh stuff. Best Guy Ever and I call these the “milks of our childhood” — he would eat mini-cans of condensed milk as a snack, and I grew up on thick cut toasts smothered in butter and condensed milk, paired with a cup of black tea softened with evaporated milk, served at a Hong Kong diner.