Paleo bo kho. If only crispy baguettes to mop up all the delicious sauce were Whole 30 compliant. #onthewoodentable

Love notes from summer that remind me just how lucky we are to live, love, and eat in San Francisco. #onthewoodentable

#Whole30 Korean short rib (kelp) noodle soup. Super tasty, but still had to eat a Larabar two hours later. #onthewoodentable

In an effort to give my hardworking guts a well deserved break, I’m doing the Whole 30 to prep me for an even more restrictive healing diet (what I’m calling the “Hell 21”) that starts a week from now, as prescribed by my acupuncturist.

Not only do I feel great (after the initial sugar hangover / “kill all the things” phase), I’m forced to be creative in the kitchen. Like this paleo Indian shepherd’s pie for breakfast — even the skeptical boyfriend is a fan.

I miss soy sauce. And I miss rice. (Because Asian.) But if taking a break for 30 days means that i’m able to enjoy my food without the slew of digestive issues that have cropped up in recent years, then I’m in. 

P.S. I love you, Red Boat Fish Sauce

“The intellectual is the worst thing there is. He invents things and then he believes them. He decides the novel is dead but then he finds a novel and says he discovered it. If you say the novel is dead, it is not the novel. It is you who are dead.”
— Gabriel García Márquez

Peach and tayberry pie from Mission Pie. More like peach and YAY berry, amirite? #onthewoodentable

Bought IRL 🍆 emoji at the farmers market today.